About Sister Sister

Sister Sister started in 2020 by Em (big sis) + Liv (lil sis) with the desire to develop products that we couldn't find in the marketplace — items that were honest, relatable, and hellllla needed.

Em + Liv

Sisters Emily and Liv

We are Vancouver Island artists who love the ocean, cult-documentaries, cats, and martinis. And you, obvs.

What began with the development of one card line grew into an expanding collection of fun, relatable, relevant, + innovative items for you, your sisters, your chosen sisters, and well, humankind.

Designed + printed on Vancouver Island and Island Good certified, we’re passionate about creating things that you knew you needed but just couldn’t find... (or didn't know you needed until now!)

We think you’ll love our shop – and you'll sleep well knowing you’re supporting a small, Vancouver Island, family + woman-run business!


Want to know more?!

About big sis Em

The admin and logistical backbone of the duo.

Emily's mad organization skills and significant Project Management experience with proposals, budgets, and reporting has been immensely valuable to Sister Sister.

Though Emily has experience in conceptual design, her natural inclination and first love is for more structured documents such as manuals, reports, proposals, + printed media.

Emily lives in Campbell River with her husband and two kids.

About lil sis Liv

Liv has oodles of hands-on experience creating + developing brands, writing content, and working with a wide variety of industry professionals to bring digital art to life by way of signage, swag, infographics, vinyl graphics, and oh-so-much more.

She graduated on the President's List with a diploma in Graphic Design and is zealously passionate about typography, designing gorgeous packaging, and deep-diving into identity development.

Liv lives in Victoria with her husband and their adorable ragdoll-Siamese cat.

5 things you didn't need to know but now you do

1. Em is 2 years, 1 month, and 2 days older than Liv, but Liv is 4 inches taller

2. We married brothers, and YES - it's as cool as it sounds!

3. We were born in rugged and remote beautiful Bella Coola

4. There was a period when we lived in different cities and we'd watch Grey's Anatomy while on the phone with each other, debriefing during commercial breaks. (Does the phrase 'Dark + Twisty' ring any bells for any other long-time viewers?!)

5. After living on Vancouver Island briefly as kids, our family moved to the lower mainland where we spent much of our childhood - but our hearts longed to return to the ocean. Now that we're back, we plan to stay put!