About Sister Sister

Sister Sister started in 2020 by Em (big sis) + Liv (lil sis) with the desire to develop products that we couldn't find in the marketplace. Items that were honest, relatable, and hellllla needed.

Emily Sayward

As the story goes, at 2 years old I took a piece of paper, scissors, and tape, and created a 3D house with a roof, windows, and door, taping it to bottom of the wall as a gift for my baby sister. From a very early age I was able to easily envision my end goal, then put the pieces together to make it happen - creating beauty where others didn’t see the vision.

Photo of Emily Sayward

Though I have experience in conceptual design, my natural inclination and first love is for creative-but-structured documents such as manuals, reports, proposals, and printed media.

Over the years I have worked with First Nations and in healthcare, managing projects and allowing me to blend my artistic skills with my other personal interests.

Spending the first years of my life in the rugged and remote Northern BC town of Bella Coola has strongly shaped my pioneer heart with a tremendous passion for simple living (or make-work projects as my husband might say!).

I spend a tremendous amount of time at the ocean. If you're looking for me, that's likely where I’ll be with my husband Zenon, 14-year old precocious son Rohan, and 4 year old animated daughter River.