About Sister Sister

Sister Sister started in 2020 by Em (big sis) + Liv (lil sis) with the desire to develop products that we couldn't find in the marketplace. Items that were honest, relatable, and hellllla needed.

Liv Kosub

Picture of Liv Kosub

Designing and printing business cards for my own artsy side hustle at the age of 7, freeing family and friends of any loose change for a custom illustration, and never - I said never - leaving the house without my briefcase of paper, scissors, glue, and tape - I can look back now and see that design has played an integral role in my identity as far back as I can remember. Maybe further.

​Graduating on the President's List with a diploma in Graphic Design and gaining the technical knowledge needed for this industry has enabled me to translate all the big, beautiful ideas that have been there all along into targeted visual communication.

Zealously passionate about typography, illustrating, and identity development, I am happiest when digging deep to flesh out the heart of a project, agonizing over negative space between letterforms, and weaving movement and texture playfully throughout my work - ever seeking to strike that sweet spot between chaos and order.

I've carved out a little love nest with my husband, Rigel, in Victoria, BC - where we spend most of our time drinking bubbly on the patio, snuggling with our Siamese-Ragdoll Sookie, and napping on various beaches outside of cell reception.
I can't wait to see what we create together.