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Handmade Beaded Bracelets

Handmade Beaded Bracelets

NOSTALGIA - a NEW LINE by Sister Sister

Water balloon fights. Pop rocks. Pog wars. Sleepovers. Mix tapes. NEON EVERYTHING. BFFs. Truth or Dare. Candy necklaces.

Remember when living was easy and life was free? The days before the internet demanded our attention and summer stretched out like an open highway? Whichever decade you're nostalgic for, the laws of friendship remain the same. Channeling that rosy glow of simpler times, this micro line bundles up cheeky pop culture references with a glossy, youthful sense of play into one tasty snack pack.

Each piece is hand made with immense joy - and it's my hope that in sharing these with you, you'll wear them, share them, and feel it too.

xo, Liv

Shut up and take my money! How does it work?

As new stock is available, we'll post on IG (check our stories and the Nostalgia highlight). See something you like? DM us to claim it. Once we confirm that the bracelet is on hold for you, you will have 1 hour to follow the link back here and purchase it.

Inside joke or your own spicy phrase? Have something made just for you - email Liv at to discuss! (Orders will be made based on current capacity and there may be a wait)

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Bracelet styles:

  • Jumbo Candy Fimo, with words
  • Swarovski Crystal Pearl with words
  • Custom bracelet
  • Mixed beads

Bracelets are strung on durable elastic cord.

All come wrapped in rad Nostalgia packaging.


Bracelets are adult sized, approx 7” long

Care information

To extend the life of your bracelet, pinch together all fingers and gently roll it down your wrist. Avoid tugging when removing. The cord is durable, but it is elastic after all! Remove before sleeping, showering, or swimming.

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